Lane Li, founder of Noodle Lane, has always been momma’s little helper. After working in the finance industry for many years, she decided to enroll herself in culinary school and graduated from the French Culinary Institute with a degree in the Culinary Arts. Noodle Lane was conceptualized from the love of food and noodles. Lane wants to make Sichuan food mainstream starting with a simple but delicious bowl of Dan Dan noodles. Thanks to the recent import of Sichuan peppercorn, we can enjoy the tongue-numbing flavors of Sichuan cooking. Sichuan style cooking is recognized for its bold sweet, sour, salty and tongue-numbing flavors.

Everything Noodle Lane offers is everything Lane loves to eat. The secret to tasty food is quality ingredients. That’s why Lane is obsessive and compulsive about quality. It’s easy to make food taste good when you have the freshest ingredients.